Visible Energy Generation
Join the revolution cutting their emissions with PowerNEST, the ultimate rooftop renewable energy system

PowerNEST generates 6x more energy than solar alone

The modular rooftop PowerNEST, wind & solar system is designed for medium- and high-rise buildings to capture more energy than a traditional solar set-up.. It’s a kinetic sculpture of modern tech optimized to make more energy, on more days, than other rooftop renewables. PowerNEST is an elegant way to shrink your energy bill and your carbon footprint. 

Is your building ready for PowerNEST? 

Why Choose PowerNEST

PowerNEST is an easy way to convert your building to renewable energy. If you own or manage a flat-roof building 5+ stories tall, a PowerNEST system could generate enough electricity to give you independence from gasoline and fossil fuels. It’s like having a sustainable power plant tailored for your roof.

Main Features:

  • Sleek wind turbines
  • Cutting-edge solar panels
  • Innovative structure captures more energy, more often
  • Made to match your building’s style
  • Adapts to local weather conditions
  • Enhances long-term building resilience
  • Modular units fit into available roof space
  • Plug-and-play energy management system
  • Reduces or eliminates electricity bills
  • Can be assembled quickly and installed in one day 

Our Projects

PowerNEST is a clean energy solution for large buildings everywhere. Here are some of our favorite projects so far. 

Just Have a Think by David Borlace

“Just have a think”, the climate and sustainable energy channel provided an insightful video on #PowerNEST Technology. This 14-minute video summarizes the technology’s secret ingredients and explains how it works.

Undecided by Matt Farrell

Wind generates enough energy to produce about 35 times more electricity than the entire planet could even use each day.1 It’s free, clean, and renewable, so why don’t we see more wind turbines used on rooftops like solar panels?

Matt Ferrel from Undecided PowerNEST -01

PV Magazine

Ibis Power has developed a rooftop system that combines solar with wind turbines designed for medium-sized structures and high-rise buildings. It claims its PowerNEST system can produce six to 10 times more energy than standalone rooftop solar. The company has already installed five projects in the Netherlands.


PowerNEST installation at Haasjeover in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, the PowerNEST was placed on the 70-meter high roof of the Haasje Over building at Strijp-S on Monday, July 11th, 2022.

PowerNEST at Haasjeover building in Haasjeover

PowerNEST installation at Eden District in Rotterdam

On June 15, 2021, IBIS Power had a milestone triple PowerNEST installation at Eden District in Rotterdam. It was a big day with even bigger results.

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